Arthouse is equipped to satisfy all your production needs in our home base of Toronto, Canada, as well as internationally, by working with our global network of affiliates. We’re a full service print, digital, and video production company ready and eager to bring your vision to life. Our teams of talented and resourceful producers have worked successfully on a wide range of campaigns, editorials, commercials, and videos creating flawless, detailed, and on budget results across Canada, the US, Europe, and South America.

To ensure the creative visions of our clients are fulfilled, the services we provide are all-encompassing. They span from pre to post production, and include art buying, budgeting, casting, location scouting, as well as all of the necessary steps in between. Our expert producers will guarantee you a positive and stress free Arthouse experience by drawing on their wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, and implementing an innovative and professional approach to production.


At Arthouse, we believe that sustaining the environment is a mission worth pursuing. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our productions by stocking our studio with fully eco-friendly products, and implementing sustainable practices on set. Leaving as small of a footprint on our surroundings as is possible is a priority we're always mindful of actualizing. Our day to day approach also abides by the same ethos of being proudly green.



We have access to a myriad of locations throughout North America in our database, as well as partners abroad in Europe, and South America that can open doors to a world of exotic locales and hidden gems. We work with the best location scouts to find you exactly what you’re looking for in a moment's time, understanding the fast paced environment of the industry, and the quick turn around for projects that our clients bring to us.


Establishing a realistic, economical schedule is imperative to any production. Our production teams iron out itineraries to capture all that’s needed in the most productive fashion. Working closely with the creative team and crew we ensure schedules are adhered to, and adapt them swiftly and on the fly.


Whether it's a perfectly propped product arrangement, or an elaborate set up of rooms that transport you back a couple of decades, Arthouse is eager to begin building. Working with the most creative and pragmatic minds in the business, we can ensure your wildest dreams are brought to life right down to the last detail.


Let us take the burden of all the details off your shoulders, and present you with an exceptionally organized, beautifully executed, and most importantly on budget production that will keep your mind at ease, allowing the focus to always be on your brand.


For locales both near and far, our producers draw on their organizational skills and ample travel experience to arrange the most efficient routes, and top-notch accommodations all within budget.


Arthouse always works with city officials to obtain appropriate permits for shooting on location, whether we’re on home turf or on foreign territory.


Our long standing relationships with all the top modelling, talent agencies, and casting directors throughout North America and Europe give us the ability to find the right people to represent the brands we work with, within the budget that’s available. We are dedicated and determined to finding the perfect fit.


Over the years we’ve assembled countless crews of industry leading assistants, digital technicians, DPs, grips, and everyone in between. With a star studded lineup crafted for your shoot, another weight is lifted off your shoulders.


In all of our productions, our photo and video teams tailor their equipment needs to create a product that carries out the creative direction. Working with the right tools allows us to produce images and videos that are of quality, stylish, and on tone.


As reducing our environmental footprint and nourishing our teams with the best we can conjure are both extremely important to us, we take great pride in working with caterers that use local and organic products wherever possible. On every set, we aim to partner up with likeminded kitchens and chefs to provide meals that are locally sourced, seasonal, healthy and most importantly delicious.


Ensuring a project is seen through until the very end, Arthouse works with skilled post production artists to tell compelling, cohesive stories for your brand. Whether it be stills or motion, our artists and the editing teams we employ craft a final product with an artfully unified creative vision.



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